Our Role:

  • We help you manage and administer your 401(k) Plan.
  • Help you and your employees save for retirement.
  • Provide you with the necessary employee notices to be distributed to your employees.
    1. IRS regulations require that you present employees with certain participant notices and information related to the Plan’s available investment options.
  • Ensure that your corporate structure and 401(k) Plan is kept in compliance with IRS and DOL regulations
  • LRS will assist you with private stock/Qualified Employer Securities held by your 401(K)
    1. We help you with initial rollover
    2. Subsequent transactions
    3. Wire transfer
    4. Assist with redemptions
  • LRS will help you with your ROBS exit strategy and getting Qualified Employer Securities out of the retirement plan. For more information please visit: How to Exit a ROBS Plan: LRS Blog
  • Answer questions regarding how additional corporate entities may affect your Plan.
  • Consolidate Old Retirement Accounts.
  • Help with questions about Investing more money into your corporation.
  • Aid you with finding tax strategies to help you take advantage of tax sheltering with your 401(k) Plan. Tax Strategy for the ROBS (Rollovers as Business Start-Ups)

The LRS Team and How We will Communicate with You:

  • Our client services professionals are always happy to help answer any questions you may have. We can be reached by:
    1. Phone: 1-800-974-2814
    2. Email: service@leadingretirement.com
    3. Live chat through your account portal and the LRS website
    4. Meet with a team member via video
  • Communicating with You
    1. Much of our proactive communication to you is initiated via email
    2. We utilize an email ticketing system, which allows for robust task management around any email inquiry you may have.
    3. Automated voice broadcast system: LRS will also send you important notices via our automated voice broadcast system to remind you about important regulatory requirements, deadlines, meeting reminders, and updates.
      • You will have the option to immediately transfer through to an LRS team member.
    4. Text messages are utilized to send you important alerts and notices.
    5. For more information about how we may initiate contact with you please refer to: Communicating with Our Clients

Online Account Portal (Plan Administration Portal):

  • Your account portal is located at: https://portal.leadingretirement.com/
  • Portal can also be accessed from:  https://www.leadingretirement.com/portal/
    1. When accessing your account from here please choose ‘Manage My Plan’ under the Plan Sponsors/HR Managers section
  • You will need to use this portal to view important notices, submit required information back to LRS, view account activity and balances, obtain copies of your account statements, and review deadlines.

Thank you!

For questions about your Retirement Plan contact our Client Services Team:  

For billing questions please contact our Accounting Team: