Need Additional Business Financing? - Investing More Money into the Corporation

  • There are a number of traditional and non-traditional business financing options that may be available to you if your Corporation and business needs additional capital, please contact us for assistance.
  • If you need additional 401(k) monies invested in the company or if you intend to bring additional investors into the company and/or intend to invest more monies into the Company, certain requirements apply that are specific to the Qualified Employer Securities (QES) strategy you engaged in.
  • One of the key legal requirements related to engaging in a QES transaction is that the stock purchased by the 401(k) Plan, in both the initial and any and all subsequent stock purchases must be purchased for “adequate consideration” as defined, in part by ERISA § 408(e)(1). 
  • You can invest additional funds into the Company, however, it is important that you contact an LRS team member prior to investing any more funds into the company so that we can provide information about additional requirements.

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