You Have Additional Monies in the 401(k) Plan, Let's Talk Investing

  • If your money is currently sitting in a cash state, earning no interest, asking us to invest your money in a money market fund would generate even a little bit of return, mutual funds, even more.
  • It can be helpful, in the event of an audit by the Department of Labor or IRS, for them to see that you are accessing not only non-traditional investments (private stock) but also more traditional investment offerings, like mutual funds.
  • Once investment options are made available, the plan is ready to receive further rollovers of your own outside investment accounts as well as employee’s rollovers when hired and contributions when eligible to participate.  This is an excellent hiring tool.
  • Your qualified 401k plan offers a higher level of legal protection for your retirement accounts than do IRA’s.  Bankruptcy and other litigation cannot attach Pension benefits and 401k accounts.
  • You have access to investment professionals who will advise on investing and retirement planning.

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