Services Performed by Leading Retirement Solutions

  1. Determine employee eligibility
  2. Provide enrollment kits and help enroll employees in your organization’s 401(k) Plan.
  3. Help document your records when employees decline to enroll in the 401(k) Plan.
  4. Validate ineligible employees.
  5. Consolidate old retirement accounts such as IRA, 401(k), 403(b), 457, Pension Plan, or Defined Benefit Plan.
  6. When you take compensation from your company, LRS will help you start making contributions to the plan.
  7. Set up more traditional investment options such as mutual funds when employees become eligible. LRS can help with adding investment options to your plan to ensure regulations are being met with the Department of Labor, which requires diversification of options for employee participation in your organization’s Retirement Plan.
  8. Provide automated billing of Administration costs making it easy to pay for the services we provide for you. For more information about billing please reference: LRS Billing Policy
  9. Prepare Form 5500 and 5558 if necessary.
  10. Help you file Form 5500 with the Department of Labor.
  11. LRS will work with your bookkeeper/CPA or any other service provers you may have. 
  12. Answer any questions about investing more money into your corporation. 
  13. LRS will help you secure the required ERISA Bond. More information can be found here: ERISA Bond: Obtaining Your Plan's Required Fidelity Bond 
  14. Asist you with finding strategies to reduce taxes with your Retirement Plan. Inquire with an LRS team member for more information. ROBS clients can find more information about this topic at: Tax Strategy for the ROBS

Leading Retirement Solutions

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Our mission: to proactively support organizations and lead them toward a secure future.