Communicating with Our Clients




Our core communication commitment to our clients include Proactiveness, Knowledge and Dedication. Embracing these values, you don’t land in a never-ending phone tree and we regularly offer a live voice to and for our clients.




We most often utilize automated communication, like emails and computer assisted phone calls, to initiate contact with our clients. The time normally spent by our team members manually initiating this communication is saved, ultimately helping to keep retirement plan costs down for our clients. This also keeps our team members’ time free to serve as true consultants for clients that request additional communication via phone call, chat and email.






Much of our proactive communication is initiated via email and comes from (service inquiries) and (billing questions). We utilize an email ticketing system which allows for robust task management around any email inquiry.  Our email system allows for timely responses, from the best team expert.


Voice/Phone Broadcasts, with a personal touch


We use a broadcast phone system, pushing out to you pre-recorded messages that quickly notify you of important regulatory requirements, meeting reminders and updates.  Calls come from our toll-free phone number (800) 974-2814 or a local (Seattle, WA) phone number (206) 430-5084. Our automated phone system starts with a computer-generated phone call to you, briefly communicating important information or deadlines and allows you to conveniently and immediately dial through to a team member.


Video Meetings


See who you are working with. You can request a video conference, including screen sharing (particularly helpful for meetings that include tutorials and training). Via our private and secure modern enterprise video communication tools. We provide easy and reliable video and audio conferencing for 1 to many attendees, across mobile, desktop, and other electronic devices. Our video conferencing applications comply with global, national, regional, and industry-specific regulations, supporting more than 90 regulatory standards and laws, including HIPAAGDPRFedRAMP and SOC.


Live Chat


Our live chat option provides you with immediate access to our team and is available via our website (bottom right hand corner) during normal business hours. Immediate, instantaneous conversations via live chat can save you time on the phone and get you placed with the right team expert, based on the nature of your inquiry, providing you with efficient client service.


Text Messaging


We use secure professional text messaging to send important alerts and notices to our clients. You can text seamlessly, with our team.



State of the Art, 

Secure Online Portal

Plan Sponsors and Administrators can transmit important information, securely, to us at any time via your secure Plan Administration Portal, your online account at  We also, regularly transmit, important plan and participant information to you via your portal. Our secure online portal allows for safe and secure transmission of important information about your retirement plan.


Participants and other 3rd Parties can transmit important information, securely, to us at any time via our general secure portal at







Leading Retirement Solutions

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  (800) 974-2814 (toll free)


Our mission: to proactively support organizations and lead them toward a secure future.

Let us know if you have questions or need assistance, we are always here to help.